KICK GAME eSports Refund Policy

Last updated: "22" March 2021

Version 1.0.

These refund rules (hereinafter referred to as the Rules) set out in this Policy govern relationship between You and KICK GAME SPORTS LIMITED (registration number NOT 416108) - company, registered under the laws of the Republic of Cyprus, registered office address: Vasili Michailidi, 21, Limassol, 3026, Cyprus / Vasili Michailidi, 21, Limassol 3026, Cyprus (more — "We", "KICK GAME eSports", "Company").


    Website (далее — «Website», «Platform») - Website, administered by KICK GAME sports Ltd, through which KICK GAME eSports Services are provided, as well as access to information and analytical materials on it in accordance with the terms and conditions, specified in this User Agreement, as well as other documents for which this User Agreement refers to.

    KICK GAME eSports Services (далее — «Services») — providing the User with access to the internal functionality of the Website.


    After you have paid for access to the internal functionality of the Website and / or other services, provided by KICK GAME eSports, the purchase information will be immediately displayed in your browser. Your personal account. We will send you a confirmation message about the purchase, which will be posted in notifications on the Platform.


    We are attentive to any facts of fraud, especially in the case of the use of cheats during the time of using the Platform. KICK GAME eSports reserves the right to terminate access access to the Platform and the Services in case of establishing the fact of their illegal use or any other actions that the User does not have the right to perform.

    Please note that users whose Accounts are blocked do not have the right to request refund, as well as any other refund.


    KICK GAME eSports will review your refund claims for the following reasons grounds:

    1. failure to access the Platform or Services from KICK GAME eSports.
      If you paid for access to the Services, but did not receive them within the promised period appropriate access, please contact our Support Service for help [email protected] with details payment method. Claims for non-access must be submitted to the Support Service in writing within 72 hours of the payment being made. In the event that access has not really been granted, you will be asked to get access at the time of the request, otherwise-a refund will be offered facilities. Please note that if you do not submit a claim within the specified time limit, access will be considered granted.

    2. You accidentally made a double payment.
      In this case, please contact our Support Team [email protected]. The refund will be carried out in the case of a duplicate purchase made within 5 minutes after the last transaction in relation to the same Service, unless by that time you did not use the Service and provided that you contacted the technical support service support no later than 7 days after the purchase.

    3. You forgot to disable your subscription and you were billed.
      The refund will be made in respect of the first extension, if you have contacted the Service support services [email protected] within 24 hours hours from the time of debiting funds for the subscription and did not use access to the Services, provided as part of the subscription.

    4. You have changed your mind or decided that you made a mistake with the purchase of access to the Services and you do not need them.
      However, if the access has already been activated, implemented or used in any other way, a refund is not possible.

    5. Please note that the following reasons may not be the basis for a refund:

    6. The services are not compatible with the existing configuration of your PC settings.
      Please note that we do not accept any responsibility, and do not respond to requests from request for refund / refund / exchange due to incompatibility Services with third-party programs (plugins, settings, modules, search engines, scripts, extensions, etc.). We do not guarantee that The services are fully compatible with any third-party applications, and we do not provide support for third-party applications, so please read carefully before purchasing description.

    7. general statements that do not constitute a specific complaint.
      For example, "It is not what I thought it was" or "I can`t use it." If you do not understand any description, ask our Support Service the necessary questions.


    The refund is made using the same payment method that you used when making the purchase. The refund period depends on the refund method and is usually between 2 and 10 days, but the time period can be extended to 30 days for certain payment methods. Please note that not all payment systems with which we cooperate support the refund procedure. If the payment system you used to make the payment does not support refunds, we will contact you to discuss alternative refund methods.


    KICK GAME eSports represents and warrants that it will take all necessary actions to resolve your problem in good faith. All disputes concerning compensation will be handled in accordance with the applicable laws of the Republic of Cyprus.


    All your refund requests must be accompanied by a detailed explanation of why you are requesting a refund. Please make sure that your request does not contradict the terms of this Policy. If you have any additional questions or problems related to the refund, please contact our Support Service for more information.